Wacom Tablet Serial Number

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Some rough instructions to interface ADB Wacom tablets here: Interfacing ADB USB Virtual Serial Port This project implements a virtual Serial port on the Teensy 2.0 specifically targeted to talk to tablets for testing purposes (original code courtesy of prjc.com - forked from V1.7).

ThinkPad and other portable computers have integrated Wacom digitiser technology since at least 1994 ThinkPad 730T.730T730TE During the years of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Wacom marketed the technology as 'Wacom Penabled'.

  • 1ThinkPad X41 Tablet Digitizer Pen
  • 2ThinkPad Tablet Digitizer Pen
  • 3ThinkPad X200 Tablet Pen and Touch
  • 4ThinkPad X220 Tablet Digitiser Pen
  • 5ThinkPad X1 Yoga Digitizer Pen
  • 6Linux Support
    • 6.4Setting up your Xorg.conf
    • 6.7xrandr Rotation
  • Can't find the serial number on my Wacom Bamboo tablet+pen? Okay I just recently got this tablet and it works fine but I really bought it so I could paint on photoshop. So it comes with the installation CD and te pen bundle CD, and the little handy manual.
  • Serial Numbers and Model Numbers are found in different locations on your device depending on the product. For Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablets, the model.
  • If you decide you love ArtRage 4 enough to upgrade, wait until you get your Lite serial and you'll get a 50% discount when upgrading to ArtRage 4. Wait a few days while Wacom sorts their website out. It's slowly getting back on its feet, and should be in full working order again soon. Contact Wacom support.

The ThinkPad X41 Tablet Digitizer Pen has red tips, a pocket clip, dual side-switch, no eraser. It fits in the X41 Tablet pen storage area.

part numbers

  • Wacom model UP-814-54A
  • Marketing part number 73P5188
    • FRU P/N 39T0803 (replaced by 39T7303)
    • IBM P/N 39T7302, FRU P/N 39T7303
    • UPC 000435611079, EAN 5050689611078, JAN 4560209481797


  • User Manual 2.39MB, pdf

Wacom Tablet Serial Number

This generic-sounding pen has a red tip, single side-switch, grey eraser, and pocket clip. It was first used with X60 Tablet, but it fits in the pen storage area also for the following systems: ThinkPad X60 Tablet, X61 Tablet, X200 Tablet, X201 Tablet, W700, W700ds, W701, W701ds.

part numbers

  • Marketing part number 41U3143
    • Lenovo P/N: 39T7481, FRU P/N: 39T7482
    • Lenovo P/N: 45N2630, FRU P/N: 45N2631
  • ThinkPad Tablet Tether 3-pack: 41U4820
    • UPC 882861963942, EAN 0882861963942, JAN 4560209531621


This tablet uses a serial connection for the stylus and touch screen.If you'd like to see raw output from it, type:cat /dev/ttyS0CTRL-C to stop. If your terminal is corrupted, type 'reset' and press Enter.


  • You need the inputattach program. This may be part of a joystick package on your system. In Gentoo, it is part of games-util/joystick.
  • You can test inputattach by running:

Now try to touch the screen with your finger or either end of the stylus. This is blocking. Press CTRL-C to stop it.

  • To have this mapping occur automatically, create /etc/systemd/system/wacom-serial.service
  • Enable the new script in systemd.
  • If you're not rebooting, start the new service.
  • You should see an input for touch, pen, and eraser if you run 'xinput':

The ThinkPad X220 Tablet pen has a black tip, single side-switch, red eraser, and pocket clip. This colour option is also used in X230 Tablet

part numbers

    • Lenovo P/N: 0A72243, FRU P/N: 04W1477
    • Lenovo P/N: 0B42547


The ThinkPad X1 Yoga pen has a black tip and two side buttons (one is for the eraser). The laptop comes with the pen by default and has a pen slot on the side.

part numbers

  • Wacom ActPen, TP, 6.5mm
    • Lenovo FRU P/N: 00HN897

The pen is supported by the XFree/Xorg Wacom driver. New tablets also have the MultiTouch capability. MultiTouch is experimentally supported presently by the Linux wacom project. The pen works regardless of MultiTouch support.

Wacom Serial Tablet PC Stylus

This is a stylus made for tablet PCs by Wacom.


  • Chipset: Wacom
  • Serial: irq 5 port 0x0200

First steps

Get the linux wacom driver and install it on your system.

The pen uses serial and appears on some /dev/ttySnn device where nn is a number. An easy way to find it is to map /dev/ttyS0 to the pen's port and irq. The values can be found under the windows driver properties. Using values from an X41 Tablet 1869-5CU, the command is: # setserial /dev/ttyS0 port 0x0200 irq 5 autoconfig (you need to run this after every suspend/resume cycle).

This may be inserted into startup scripts in /etc/rc.d/ or /etc/rc.local

After mapping the pen, you can check its output with # wacdump -f tpc /dev/ttyS0. This will list raw information about the pens position an click status. Hit Ctrl+C to exit wacdump.

Setting up your Xorg.conf

X-Server >= 1.8 (udev)

since X-Server 1.8 udev is the default way to detect any wacom-tablet. on some distributions you have to add the file /etc/udev/rules.d/10-wacom.rules with following content:

and /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-wacom:

thanks to the Wacom Tablet - ArchWikipage and this Archlinux-Thread

X-Server >=1.6? (hal)

if HAL is configured as it should be, your wacom-tablet is working out of the box

older X-Server (static configuration)

If you are sure, you don't want to update to a newer version, add the following sections to your xorg.conf:

Check the wacom driver man page and website for other options.

For handwriting recognition using pen you can use CellWriter.

To get the right mouse button to map to the stylus button use this script and run it through .bashrc


I found it useful to create a .desktop file for launching the wacomcpl program which is used for many user options for the tablet pen.

To have your settings restore after logout/suspend/restart you will need to edit /home/yourusername/.xinitrc.Go to the last line and change

to read as

Next you need to create a new sessions preference to load the user file.

For Debian [lenny] go to System > Preferences > Sessions.Add a new startup program and add the command

click ok.

For Ubuntu use System > Preferences > Startup Applications.add the same startup program as above.

--Jeremy! 14:49, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

Screen rotation for X41 and X61 tablets

ROTgui - Python program for screen rotation.

The above is a simple program that you bind to a key (I bound it to the 'rotate' button on the screen) that will let you rotate the screen 4 ways (90, 180, 270 and 0 degrees).

I prefer manually selecting when I want to rotate the screen because I don't want to accidentally rotate it while moving the laptop around.

The site says it's for an X41, but I can confirm that it works on my X61 as well! (Only tried on Ubuntu, but being a Python program, it should work on other OS-es as well).

The code also has a python module, that will allow you to script your own screen control, if you'd rather not use the GUI (or want to use keybindings/write your own interface on top of it).

--Ogi 10:05, 6 November 2010 (UTC)

xrandr Rotation

There is work underway to create a Tablet Screen Rotation Support package for Ubuntu. Because I can afford only one tablet computer, and since this is relatively new and not many others have put any work into it yet, so far it mainly supports the Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet. The next phase of development involves refactoring in such a way that it can easily be expanded to support other brands and models of tablet computer. The planned mechanism is similar to that used by the scripts in the Debian acpi-support package.

So far, it supports auto-rotation on conversion from laptop to tablet mode, including rebinding the navpad keys and turning the logical orientation of the Wacom tablet to match. It is done as an event called when the X Server has changed it's xRandR orientation. The actual work is carried out by a quick set of shell scripts that can easily be adapted and extended. The idea is that no matter what piece of software actually caused the X Server to rotate, the same things need to happen whenever it does. So the best place to hook in the support event is on an event handler for the RandR Rotate event. The programs and packaging are simple, and the source is available at the URL above. I encourage you to get a copy and learn from it while helping make it work for a new kind of tablet no other developer has created support for yet! If you can write an essay, you can write the necessary program.

Because this ThinkWiki page is one of the sources I drew from when I initially created tablet-screen-rotation-support. The following scripts by Gtx, radix, and Papertiger probably contain some elements in common. --KarlHegbloom 21:55, 9 February 2009 (UTC)

xrotate support scripts

linuxwacom is very buggy. I needed some time to get the tablet work with 'xrandr -r'. I use the script below to do screen rotation. copy the source an put it in /usr/local/bin/xrotate. You may change output and devices to fit to you're system (the default values work fine for an x41 tablet)

you can use 'xrotate +' to rotate the screen CCW or 'xrotate -' to rotate clockwise. use 'xrotate x' where x is

  • 0 to set rotation to normal
  • 1 to set rotation to left
  • 2 to set rotation to inverted
  • 3 to set rotation to right

--Gtx 13:34, 22 April 2008 (CEST)

modified script for linuxwacom 0.8.1-1.

--radix 13:15, 28 August 2008 (CEST)

Additional code for rotating the 4 navigation keys on the display frame.

--Papertiger 22:24, 12 March 2010 (UTC)

modified script

On my X200 Tablet i have a 'invert' tablet button and a 'flip' button, so i modified the the script for my needs. This scripts also works with xrandr program version 1.3.2 and xsetwacom 0.10.3 under Debian Testing (Squeeze). You can call the script with './tablet.sh flip' or './tablet.sh invert'. I mapped these two functions on the hardware buttons. The full Tutorial can be found on my blog: http://dominikschuermann.de/index.php/2010/05/thinkpad-x200-tablet-for-debian-testing/

--Dominiks 18:47, 17 April 2010 (UTC)

another modified script (X41)

I'm using this script to rotate the screen on my X41 (1866-WG4). The rotation is either absolute using the arguments normal, inverted, left and right or relative to the current orientation using cw or ccw.

You will have to change lines 69 to 73 to suit your configuration. LVDS1 is the laptop screen as returned by xrandr; stylus0, cursor0 and eraser0 are what I have called the wacom devices in my xorg.conf.The software I'm using on my X41 is the following:

I am using the intel driver for the graphics adapter; unfortunately, display rotation is not possible with the kernel's intel framebuffer driver and Xorg's fbdev. Both xrandr and xsetwacom were installed from debian sid repositories, xsetwacom came with the xserver-xorg-input-wacom package, not wacom-tools.

--mk 16.51, 6 August 2010 (CEST)

X41 tablet with UBUNTU 10.10

On my thinkpad X41 tablet with Ubuntu 10.10 i got this message with the previous script:

In order to get it work I had to change this script a little bit (I didn't need to change or create an 'xorg.conf' or anything else, I only used this script):

1. Type in a terminal: $ xinput:

So you know the id numbers of your Eraser (12) and Stylus (13)

2. Modify the script given in this article: Instead of 'Eraser' and 'Stylus' use your id-numbers:Change


So in total, you should have the following script saved in a file (for example xrandr in your homefolder /home/'username')

After you saved it as 'xrandr', open a terminal, go to the folder, in which you saved 'xrandr', and type$ chmod +x xrandr

in order to be able to use this script with typing in an terminal$ ./xrandr right for right rotation and $ ./xrandr normal for left.

Wacom Tablet Serial Numbers

--User:klob 11.40, 24 October 2010 (CEST)

If you want to easily switch between two orientations, you can use the following script. You can assign this script to the corresponding button on the tablet. It os working on my Thinkpad X61 tablet. If you remove the 'yes' after flipflop= the script works as the script above.

--User:dcjfm 10.20, 23 November 2010 (CEST):


If the stylus still doesn't work try to reset the bios. This fixed it for me. --Gtx 08:22, 21 April 2008 (CEST)

Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot): Per the thread at Ubuntuforums, comment out or remove /lib/udev/rules.d/40-inputattach.rules to get the stylus functioning.

Magick-Rotation is useful for auto-rotating the screen but may require switching the cw / ccw notations to match the stylus orientation to that of the screen (bug). --wseltzer

Wacom Tablet Serial Number 1

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Holiday Registration Issue 2015

Wacom Tablet Serial Number Lookup

Please find the solution to the following issues here:

Wacom Tablet Serial Number

Wacom Tablet Serial Number
  1. I have not tried registering recently

    If you have not tried to register or download since the 29th of December, please do so following these steps:

    1. Go to www.wacom.eu/register (NB not wacom.com unless purchased in Americas)
    2. Create an account or log in if you have used the site or our eStore before
    3. Select “Register new product”
    4. Make sure to select the correct model from the product list: your tablet´s model number is on the back of tablet.

      Please note: on Intuos tablets the model number is displayed under the cover below the barcode.
      Product code on tablet - Product model on registration page
      CTL-490/W - Intuos Draw Creative Pen S (CTL-490D)
      CTL-490/B - Intuos Draw Creative Pen S (CTL-490D)
      CTH-490/B - Intuos Comic Creative Pen & Touch S (CTH-490C)
      CTH-490/K - Intuos Comic Creative Pen & Touch S (CTH-490C)
      CTH-490/B - Intuos Photo Creative Pen & Touch S (CTH-490P)
      CTH-490/K - Intuos Photo Creative Pen & Touch S (CTH-490P)
      CTH-490/B - Intuos Art Creative Pen & Touch S (CTH-490A)
      CTH-490/K - Intuos Art Creative Pen & Touch S (CTH-490A)
      CTH-690/B - Intuos Art Creative Pen & Touch M (CTH-690A)
      CTH-690/K - Intuos Art Creative Pen & Touch M (CTH-690A)

    5. Enter the tablet's serial number which can be found on the back of the tablet under the barcode, shown as 'S/N ...'
    6. Enter the Software Bundle Download Key (SBDK) which can be found:
      • Intuos Art/Comic/Photo/Draw CTL-490 / CTH-490 / CTH-690: on a key-shaped sticker on the box,
      • Intuos 2013 CTL-480 / CTH-480 / CTH-680: on a leaflet in the CD pack inside the box.
      • Intuos Pro / Cintiq purchased from the Wacom eStore: on a separate letter
  2. My Software Bundle Download Key (SBDK) is not accepted

    If you receive an error message when registering the SBDK, please first check for typos as below:

    • The SBDK should have 20 numbers + capital letters in four groups: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.
    • Please include the dashes
    • Do not use the capital letter 'O' (oh), just zeros, or lower-case 'l' (ell), just capital 'I' (igh).

    If you are still receiving an error message, please register the tablet without the SBDK and send us a message using the form below or reply to our email if you already have a case number.

    • the model and serial numbers from the back of your tablet (as a photo if you prefer)
    • your operating system and version
    • a screen-shot of your registration page showing the error message
    • a photo of the SBDK
    • a photo/screen-shot of your proof of purchase or your eStore order number

    To start using the software in the meantime, you can download a trial version from the software publisher's website:

    For Intuos Art:
    Corel® Painter™ Essentials

    For Intuos Comic:
    Clip Studio Paint Pro
    Anime Studio

    For Intuos Photo:
    Macphun Creative Kit (Mac only),
    Corel PaintShop® Pro (Windows only)
    Corel AfterShot™ Pro.

    For Intuos Draw:
    ArtRage© Lite:

  3. I do not have a software licence key / software serial number

    You have registered the correct tablet, and the Software Bundle Download Key (SBDK) has been accepted. After you clicked 'Download' on the registration page, you did not receive a licence key in your email (please also check your spam folders).

    • Please log in to www.wacom.eu/register again and click 'Show My bonus'. After the first time you click 'Download', the licence key should be shown under the name of each software application.

    If you have clicked ‘Download’, but did not receive a licence key, please send us a message using the form below or reply to our email if you already have a case number.
    Please include the following information:

    • the model and serial numbers from the back of your tablet (as a photo if you prefer)
    • your operating system and version
    • a screen-shot of your registration page showing the 'My bonus' section
    • a photo of the SBDK (see above for location)
    • a photo/screen-shot of your proof of purchase, or your eStore order number

    To start using the software in the meantime, you can download a trial version from the software publisher's website as shown above if necessary. When you receive your licence key, you will then be able to 'unlock' the full version.

  4. I registered the tablet and received a licence key / serial number, but it is not accepted

    If you have a licence key in your Registration Dashboard and have installed the software, but the licence key is not accepted:

    1. please check your software package to see if there is an option to request another key, e.g. > Help > Register another way.
    2. please reply to this email, including:
      • the model and serial numbers from the back of your tablet (as a photo if you prefer)
      • your operating system and version
      • a screen-shot of your registration page showing the licence key in the 'My bonus'
      • a screen-shot of the error message in the software application
      • a photo/screen-shot of your proof of purchase, or your eStore order number
    To start using the software in the meantime, you can download a trial version from the software publisher's website as shown above if necessary. When you receive your licence key, you will then be able to 'unlock' the full version.