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Flynn in San Diego, October 31, 2008
BornVincent Joseph Flynn[1]
April 6, 1966
Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.
DiedJune 19, 2013 (aged 47)
Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.
OccupationWriter, novelist, television consultant
Alma materUniversity of St. Thomas
SubjectPolitical thriller, techno-thriller, action thriller
SpouseLysa Flynn
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Vincent Joseph Flynn (April 6, 1966 – June 19, 2013) was an American author of political thriller novels surrounding the story of the fictional assassin Mitch Rapp. He was a story consultant for the fifth season of the television series 24. He died on June 19, 2013, after three years with prostate cancer.[2]

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Early life and education[edit]

Flynn was one of seven children born to Terry and Kathleen Flynn,[3] and a graduate of Saint Thomas Academy (1984) and the University of St. Thomas with a B.A in Economics (1989).

Early career[edit]

After graduating, Flynn went to work for Kraft Foods as an account and sales marketing specialist. In 1991, he left Kraft to pursue a career as an aviator with the United States Marine Corps. One week before leaving for Officer Candidate School, he was medically disqualified from the Marine Aviation Program.[4]

In an effort to overcome the difficulties of dyslexia, Flynn forced himself into a daily writing and reading routine. His writing influences included Leon Uris, Tom Clancy, Ernest Hemingway, John Irving, Robert Ludlum, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Gore Vidal.[4]

Writing and media career[edit]

His newfound interest in such novels motivated him to begin work on a novel of his own. While employed as a bartender in the St. Paul area, he completed his first book, Term Limits, which he then self-published.[5]

'I had just finished reading The Government Racket: Washington Waste from A to Z, by Martin L. Gross. It is without a doubt the most disheartening and enlightening book about politics that I've ever read. I was out jogging one day wondering what it would take to really change Washington, when my thoughts turned to a friend who had been shot and killed in Washington, D.C., several summers earlier. As I continued running, a story started to unfold.'[citation needed]

Pocket Books published the hardcover edition of Term Limits in 1998, and the mass market paperback of Term Limits in 1999, which spent several weeks on The New York Times bestseller list. Subsequent works, including Flynn's 1999 novel, Transfer of Power, his 2000 novel The Third Option and his 2001 novel Separation of Power, also appeared on the New York Times bestseller list, with Separation of Power reaching as high as #7.[citation needed]

Flynn's fifth novel, Executive Power, was published in hardcover by Atria Books in May 2003, followed by his sixth novel, Memorial Day in 2004, his seventh novel Consent To Kill in October 2005, his eighth novel Act Of Treason in October 2006, his ninth novel Protect And Defend in 2007 and his tenth novel Extreme Measures in 2008. With the exception of his first novel Term Limits, his works centered around counter-terrorism agent Mitch Rapp. His 2008 release, Extreme Measures, became the ninth novel in the series.

Flynn wrote six New York Times bestsellers for Atria Books, and had a contract for four more. He remembered deciding between following the path that was the most uncomfortable—continuing with what looked to be a promising career as a commercial real estate leasing agent—or taking a big risk and start a new career as a writer: 'I look back on it now and I couldn't be happier with my decision, but at the time I remember a lot of people thought I was nuts.'[6]

In February 2008, Flynn agreed on film and book projects with CBS Corporation units CBS Films and Simon & Schuster/Atria Books. Lorenzo di Bonaventura was negotiating to produce Mitch Rapp films. The first film, American Assassin, was released on September 15, 2017. Atria Books got worldwide rights to four books by the author.[7] In August 2010, Flynn signed a two-book deal for a new series that he would have co-written with Brian Haig, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel.[8] He was a frequent guest on The Glenn Beck Radio Program on the Fox News Channel, and on Dan Barreiro's radio program on Twin Cities station KFAN.

Personal life[edit]

Flynn lived with his wife, Lysa, and their three children in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) area.[3]

Illness and death[edit]

On February 1, 2011, in his fan newsletter, Flynn announced that he was being treated for advanced Stage III prostate cancer.[9] He died of a rare form of aggressive prostate cancer in Saint Paul, aged 47, on June 19, 2013.[3][10]


Standalone novel[edit]

In 1997, Flynn wrote Term Limits (not part of the Mitch Rapp series, but in the same universe).[11]

Mitch Rapp Series[edit]

Mitch Rapp, as portrayed by the author, is an undercover CIAcounter-terrorism agent. Rapp's primary focus is thwarting terrorist attacks on the United States, and he is presented as an aggressive operative willing to take measures that are more extreme than might be considered commonly acceptable. His constant frustration with procedures and red tape is a major theme throughout the entire series.[12]

The Mitch Rapp series has been continued by Kyle Mills. The latest book in the series, Red War, was released in September 2018.

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20058Consent to KillISBN0-7432-7036-3
20069Act of TreasonISBN0-7432-7037-1
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200811Extreme MeasuresISBN0-7432-7042-8
200912Pursuit of HonorISBN978-1-4165-9516-8
20101American AssassinISBN978-1-4165-9518-2
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201213The Last ManISBN978-1-4165-9521-2
201514The SurvivorISBN978-1-4767-8345-1Kyle Mills
201615Order to KillISBN978-1-4767-8348-2
201716Enemy of the StateISBN978-1-4767-8351-2
201817Red WarISBN978-1-5011-9059-9
201918Lethal AgentISBN978-1-5011-9062-9


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Mitch Rapp is used to winning. But now the CIA operative finds himself chasing false leads from continent to continent in an effort to keep nukes from falling into the hands of terrorists. Together with friend and colleague Scott Coleman, Rapp struggles to prevent the loss of these lethal weapons, and soon it becomes alarmingly clear that forces in Moscow are hell-bent on fomenting even more chaos and turmoil in the Middle East. Rapp must go deep into Russian territory, posing as an American ISIS recruit, to stop a plan much more dangerous and insidious than he ever expected.

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When a spike in CIA intelligence suggests a major terrorist attack planned for Memorial Day, the president orders Mitch Rapp, his top counterterrorism operative, to pull out all the stops. Rapp immediately leaves for Afghanistan where he leads the ultra secret counterterrorism Special Forces unit on a daring commando raid across the border into Northern Pakistan. Their target: an al-Qaeda stronghold. Within a subterranean room, Rapp and his team discover a treasure trove of maps, computers, files and bills of lading for multiple freighters heading to US ports - all pointing to plans for a catastrophic attack on Washington DC. Information is quickly relayed back to CIA headquarters, andin a few hours, the freighters have been located and the danger averted. Or has it? To Mitch Rapp, the whole operation seemed just a bit too easy. Following his instincts on a quest to unearth the whole truth, Rapp makes a truly terrifying discovery - and with Memorial Day closing fast, he must find a way to prevent a disaster of unimaginable proportions … The new Vince Flynn novel, The Survivor, will be published in autumn 2015!

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On a busy Washington morning, amid the shuffle of tourists and the brisk rush of government officials, the stately calm of the White House is shattered in a hail of gunfire. A group of terrorists has descended on the Executive Mansion, and gained access by means of a violent massacre that has left dozens of innocent bystanders murdered. The president is evacuated to his underground bunker - but not before almost one hundred hostages are taken. While the politicians and the military leaders argue over how to negotiate with the terrorists, one man is sent to break through the barrage of panicked responses and political agendas surrounding the crisis. Mitch Rapp, the CIA's top counterterrorism agent, makes his way into the White House and soon discovers that the president is not as safe as Washington's power elite had thought. And, in a race against time, he makes a chilling discovery that could determine the fate of America - and realizes that the terrorist attack is only the beginning of a master scheme to undermine an entire nation. Look out for the new Vince Flynn novel, The Survivor, published in autumn 2015!

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