Network Controller Driver Dell Latitude E6540

Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

After reinstalling Windows 7 to my dell Latitude e6540 I downloaded a number of drivers using the machine its service tag on the dell website to ensure the right drivers were provided. When I attempt to install the wifi drivers (various versions) the process exists with: 'This software package cannot be installed on your system'

Dell Latitude E6540 Owner's Manual. Dell latitude e6400: quick start (8 pages) Summary of Contents for Dell Latitude E6540. System Configuration Option Description Integrated NIC Allows you to configure the integrated network controller. The options are: • Disabled • Enabled • Enabled w/PXE (Default Setting. Dec 10, 2014 - Any ideas on drivers to try? I've ruled out many of the drivers Dell lists that I know I won't be using, like the display drivers, security programs,. Download Dell Latitude E6540 Wifi driver for Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. Find wireless, wifi, bluetooth driver and optimize your system with drivers and updates. Select the driver that compatible with your operating system. Dell Latitude E6540 Wireless Driver Download For Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista/2000 32bit and 64bit Latest Version, With wifi Lan, Update for improve overall. Dell E6540 - installation Thread starter HaPePL; Start date Jun. #1 Hello, have anyone installed OS X El Capitan on Dell Latitude E6540 with Intel HD and AMD GPU, Intel i7 4800MQ and 16GB of RAM? Booting halts on 'missing bluetooth controller transport'. RehabMan Moderator. Joined May 3, 2012 Messages 191,879 Motherboard Intel DH67BL.

Reinstalling the chipset drivers and then attempting to install the network drivers failed to remedy the issue.

The install log of the driver reports ERROR_INSTALL_PLATFORM_UNSUPPORTED:

Network Controller Driver Dell D600

[07/22/17 22:34:40] Update Package Execution Started [07/22/17 22:34:40] Original command line: 'C:Users{user}DownloadsNetwork_Driver_48WF6_WN32_18.33.0.2_A19.EXE' [07/22/17 22:34:40] DUP Framework EXE Version: [07/22/17 22:34:40] DUP Release: 48WF6A19 [07/22/17 22:34:40] Initializing framework... [07/22/17 22:34:40] Data in smbios table is (hex)value = 9 , Chasis type (hex)value = 9 , System type is : Client [07/22/17 22:34:40] logo.png [07/22/17 22:34:44] User Command: attended [07/22/17 22:34:44] DUP Capabilities Value: 35651583 (0x21FFFFF) [07/22/17 22:34:44] DUP Vendor Software Version: [07/22/17 22:34:44] Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes [07/22/17 22:34:44] Local System OS Version: [07/22/17 22:34:44] OS Compatible with this Package? Yes [07/22/17 22:34:44] Local System OS Language: NL [07/22/17 22:34:44] Language Compatible with this Package? Unknown [07/22/17 22:34:44] Extraction-miniunz path: C:PROGRA~3B1A363~1delldriversNETWOR~1.2_Aminiunz.exe [07/22/17 22:34:44] Extraction-arguments: -x C:Users{user}DOWNLO~1NETWOR~2.EXE -o -d C:PROGRA~3B1A363~1delldriversNETWOR~1.2_A [07/22/17 22:34:48] Extraction-GetExitCode: 0 [07/22/17 22:34:48] Identified Behavior : attended [07/22/17 22:34:48] Temporary payload log file name: C:ProgramDatab1a363a5-9d74-4cf5-a74b-aea50b20023edelldriversNetwork_Driver_48WF6_WN32_18.33.0.2_A19DUP424D.tmp [07/22/17 22:34:48] Translated Command Line : mup.exe /v'/c mup' /l:'C:ProgramDatab1a363a5-9d74-4cf5-a74b-aea50b20023edelldriversNetwork_Driver_48WF6_WN32_18.33.0.2_A19DUP424D.tmp' [07/22/17 22:34:48] Path : C:ProgramDatab1a363a5-9d74-4cf5-a74b-aea50b20023edelldriversNetwork_Driver_48WF6_WN32_18.33.0.2_A19 [07/22/17 22:34:48] Identified Behavior : attended [07/22/17 22:34:53] Append Vendor Software Log: C:ProgramDatab1a363a5-9d74-4cf5-a74b-aea50b20023edelldriversNetwork_Driver_48WF6_WN32_18.33.0.2_A19DUP424D.tmp [07/22/17 22:34:53] --- Start of Vendor Software Log ---

[07/22/17 22:34:53] ASCII payload log file detected. [07/22/17 22:34:53] **************************************** MUP started: Sat Jul 22 22:34:48 2017

Command Line: C:ProgramDatab1a363a5-9d74-4cf5-a74b-aea50b20023edelldriversNetwork_Driver_48WF6_WN32_18.33.0.2_A19mup.exe /v/c mup /l:C:ProgramDatab1a363a5-9d74-4cf5-a74b-aea50b20023edelldriversNetwork_Driver_48WF6_WN32_18.33.0.2_A19DUP424D.tmp

Execute: setup.exe /c mup Error: setup.exe exited with return code: 104 MUP finished: Sat Jul 22 22:34:53 2017

Exiting with Return Code: 104

[07/22/17 22:34:53]
--- End of Vendor Software Log ---

Network controller driver dell latitude e6540 laptop

[07/22/17 22:34:53] Vendor Software Return Code: 104 [07/22/17 22:34:53] logo.png [07/22/17 22:34:53] Name of Exit Code: ERROR_INSTALL_PLATFORM_UNSUPPORTED [07/22/17 22:34:53] Exit Code set to: 5 (0x5) [07/22/17 22:34:53] Result: FAILURE

Network Controller Driver Dell Latitude E6540 Laptop


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Network Controller Driver Dell Latitude E6540 Windows 7

Hi AAAAtech
During the first Insider Preview for Windows Server 2016, I tried it out on a Acer laptop. One of the things I noticed about it in comparison to previous server releases was it had limited hardware detection. Power Management in particular was a problem and there was some issues with the NIC.
I had Windows 10 on another partition which had excellent hardware detection and I tried to use those drivers which I had downloaded, but they did not work.
Considering there are 64 bit Windows 10 drivers for your Dell e6540, you might have a better experience.
If you don't have any driver issues, it should work just fine. Keep in mind, using a laptop as a server might not lead to a long life, since it will be playing the roll of a domain controller in addition to other rolls like, file and print. It might becoming taxing on it over time, especially if you have to keep it running 24-7.
I would advise having a second e6540, so, if the first one fails, you can easily have a backup you can restore.