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Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

Update 2: Look like this is actually real. While the privacy policy and contact page may be a joke, the data is real.

Update:As has been pointed out in the comments, this whole site seems to have been setup as a joke. A small link in the bottom left corner brings up a pop up stating it’s an experiment. Fooled us!


By now, just about everyone has torrentedsomething. But what the vast majority of peer-to-peer file sharers don’t realize is that their activities are very easy to keep tabs on…like the poor anonymous lad or lass from Malaysia whose downloads you see above. Church of Bootyism? I see what they did there.

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That list — and scores of others, possibly including your own — are available for the whole world to see over at You Have Downloaded. So far, the site has tracked more than 52 million individual downloaders sharing around two million torrents. Apart from showing off misdeeds on a per-torrent or per-IP address basis, YHD also offers a pair of top 5 lists based on the activity it has monitored. Right now, activity is highest in the U.S. and China, and the top downloads are music and movie torrents.

Obviously, the fact that Suren Tur (producer at YHD) and company can do this is a bit worrying. After all, if they can do it to show you it’s possible, someone else could do it to find victims defendants for copyright infringement lawsuits.

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So, how do you keep yourself off the radar? Using a VPN or proxy service is the way to go if you’re not willing to stop torrenting altogether. You can also try staying away from trackers that are heavily scrutinized, like The Pirate Bay, BitSnoop, and LimeTorrents. And bear in mind that if your internet service provider uses dynamic IP addresses, you’re probably going to see some files that were downloaded by that guy who lives down the street and always keeps his window blinds closed.

If your ISP uses static IP addresses, well…get a VPN or proxy running stat. Even if you stay within the law and only download legal torrents, there’s always a chance your IP makes it on to a list for the next round of lawsuits due to some error. Copyright holders have been known to misuse the system after all.

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