How To Change Download Folder In Chrome

Posted : admin On 12/25/2021
  1. Another way to change which folder Chrome downloads files to is to choose the Ask where to save each file before downloading option. When this setting is toggled on, Chrome will bypass the default download folder and ask you where to save the file.
  2. How To Change the Chrome Download Folder Location Open Chrome and click the small wrench icon > Options > Under the Hood. Scroll to the Download section and go to Download location. Click Browse. Here, you may select the desired location for your downloaded items: N.B.

Here’s a quick post for those looking to change the location of the downloads folder in Google Chrome. You may want to do this for many different reasons, but for most people, it’s probably because you are running out of space on your local hard drive. I moved my downloads folder to my NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. Since it’s on the network and always connected, I don’t have to worry about it suddenly getting disconnected.

Under Downloads press the Change button to change the download location. Thus, you can change your download location to any folder of you choice in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Previously when users download a file using the Chrome browser, it goes straight to Download folder without your permissions. But there might be users who want to rename the file before downloading or want to change different folder or location for downloads.

I’ll talk about what happens if you do change the location to an external hard drive that can occasionally become disconnected. First let me show you how to actually change the download location in Chrome.

Change Downloads Folder in Google Chrome

First, click on the three dots icon at the top right and click on Settings.

Then scroll down to the bottom and click on Advanced.

Now scroll down more until you get to the Downloads section.

Go ahead and click on the Change button and choose a new location. Like I mentioned before, you can choose an external drive, a shared folder, a network drive, etc. to save the downloads to. There really is no restriction. Now if the download target suddenly disappears, i.e. you unplug the external hard drive, etc., then what happens?

In my first test, I chose a different folder on my C drive and then deleted it. Well, I was hoping that it would default back to the default location (Downloads folder) when you first install Chrome, but it doesn’t. Instead, it does something I wasn’t quite expecting! In my case, it created the folder in the path I specified and then saved it there. However, this was most likely because it was a different folder I had chosen on my system partition.

When I tried to change the downloads folder to an external drive and then disconnected the drive and performed a download, it ended up giving me the Save as dialog box.

So, basically, if it’s a path it can re-create, it will go ahead and create the path and save the download there. If not, it will simply bring up a dialog where you can choose the location for the download. The Save as dialog will continue to come up until the target disk is available again. That’s pretty much it! If you have any other questions about Chrome, feel free to post a comment. Enjoy!

How to change download folder in chrome app

For the netizens in twenty first century, Google Chrome is apparently the best web browsing software. There would be lots of arguments regarding how there are better browsers and the majority of different opinions will revolve around Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, but still Google Chrome would retain the status of the most used web browser on earth.

How to Change Download Location in Google Chrome for Mac OS

An internet user who wouldn’t download anything off the web is practically non-existent, anyone who knows how to navigate through the internet must have downloaded at one file at some point of their lives.

By default, the download location is the default Download folder. This is a Mac present and unless some user work with the app settings, the download location is supposed to stay there. However, changing the download location from Downloads folder to a folder of user’s preference in the Mac is easy enough.

How To Change Download Folder In Chrome Browser

Steps to Change Google Chrome Download Location on Mac

The procedures we are about to state would work for Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Of course the directory structures will be different and users of individual platforms will have to work on that, but at least the basic idea remains same.

How To Change Download Location In Chrome Apk

  1. Open the Google Chrome app. After installation, Google Chrome icon is typically placed on the dock in Mac OS. If you have removed the dock icon for some reason, the app icon would still be there inside Applications. Navigate using Finder.
  2. Once Google Chrome is open, navigate to Chrome Settings officially known as Preferences. There are two ways to get there – either by clicking on Preferences from the Chrome menu from top left corner, or by typing in this simple directory – chrome://settings/.
  3. Section with a lot of settings and options would open on-screen. The preferences section is the ‘under the hood’ for Google Chrome, practically everything that defines Google Chrome’s behavior on a Mac or Windows computer could be controlled from this interface. However, scroll down and find ‘Show Advanced Settings’ on this page.
  4. The ‘Downloads’ section should be located on this section. When you find it, click on the ‘Change’ button next to Download Location menu.
  5. Chrome will ask the user to navigate to the new directory where the user downloads will be saved by default. Up until this point, the procedures are similar for both Mac OS and Windows OS.
  6. Navigate to the new Download location. Desktop is a good place to download your files, or maybe a specified folder in your hard drive. Wherever it is, navigate to the location and select the location for default file download directory.
  7. Once everything is done, exit Settings.

As the download preferences have been modified, now any download will be saved to the file directory that you have defined. Although we suggest keeping the download directory to the default directory as it makes file management easier, but that’s up user’s individual preference.

How To Change Download Location In Chrome Using Selenium Webdriver

Conclusion: Although the process has been only demonstrated for Google Chrome, it’s pretty similar on other web browsers for Mac e.g. Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox etc.

Change Where Downloads Go

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