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Clash Of Clans free Free game to download. Clash of Clans is highly addictive game where you have to build a community, train troops and attack other players in this. Awesome features of Clash of clans Game. Clash of clans is popular among users for the awesome features that it has. As I have already written earlier this game gives you a feel of old days. This is a multiplayer online game so you can play it with your friends at once. Friends, Today I am back with very interesting topic that is Download Clash of Clan for PC/Laptop or COC for windows 10 or windows 8/8.1 or windows 7/XP/Mac Computer.Clash of clans game app is designed for android and iOS/iPhone platform. But users trying to use this fantastic game on PC/Laptop.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular kingdom building games in gaming history. The premise is simple enough, you build a kingdom, defend it against online opponents, and attack other online opponents for loot. The game is deep enough to really get into, but accessible enough for casual gamers and it really hits that balance well. However, like most games, you’ll get sick of it eventually. If you’re looking for a replacement for Clash of Clans, but still want to play a game like it, then you’re in the right spot. All of these games are kingdom builder games with an online PvP element. Here are the best games like Clash of Clans. Of course, you can still download and play Clash of Clans by clicking here.
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Age of Empires: Castle Siege

Age of Empires: Castle Siege is one of the newer games like Clash of Clans. You'll choose your civilization, build your keep, and then do combat. You'll get to upgrade your keep's defenses. Then you train troops to go attack others. The game also includes heroes to recruit and support for cross-platform play via Xbox Live sign-in. The mechanics are mostly similar. However, you have more control over troops and there are various ways to do things. It's not half bad.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach is another kingdom building game on mobile. Your goal here is to build a base along a beach. Your opponents must then storm the beach and take down your defenses. Unlike most games like Clash of Clans, this one actually has a fairly long campaign mode. That adds another element of game play that most titles in this genre don't have. Add to that the multiplayer along with co-op missions and this one is deeper than most. It's by Supercell and thus, it's really appropriate that a good Clash of Clans style game is by the same developer.

Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire

Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire is one of the more popular games like Clash of Clans. It boasts over 50 million installs. With this game you’ll build a village, defend it, and take on opponents. However, you can also level up your heroes and battle them against other heroes, play co-op with Team Dungeons, and a few other things. This one does a better job of standing out from the pack than most of its competitors. It’s a freemium game like the rest of them and it’s a great game if you liked Clash of Clans, but wanted something more well-rounded. It was called Castle Clash: Age of Legends and Castle Clash: Brave Squads at one point. However, we're guessing they updated the game enough to warrant a name change.

Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans is one of the newer kingdom builder games like Clash of Clans. It brings much more advanced graphics and game play to the table. You go to war with thousands of troops instead of dozens so you get that real war feel. The game also features a campaign mode, a variety of special events, and, of course, online PvP. This is easily among the best looking games in the kingdom builder genre. However, we do enjoy the little extra nuance to the game play as well. It functioned well in our testing and it's still good even if it is a freemium title.

Jungle Heat: Weapon of Revenge

Jungle Heat: Weapon of Revenge is another Clash of Clans clone that likes to focus more on the heroes. There are several of them and each one has its own abilities. Otherwise, it’s a pretty familiar style of game. You build a base, upgrade defenses, and attack other players. It does have the advantage of being playable on computers via Facebook. It also has Windows Phone support. Jungle Heat also includes tournaments which helps keep players engaged. Recent updates have been a little harsh for long time players. However, we imagine they'll get that straightened out sooner or later.
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Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is a kingdom builder game that acts a little more like Boom Beach than Clash of Clans. The basic premise is still there, though. You get heroes, train an army, and then take on opponents via PvP. This game introduces a few RPG elements as you level up your heroes. You can also kill bad guys on the world map to get additional treasure. Like most of these, you can also form guilds to get help from other players. The game has a history of connection issues. It's not a deal breaker, but something to be aware of.


Seigefall is a kingdom builder game out of Gameloft. This one combines the simple ideas of kingdom building games like Clash of Clans with card collecting mechanics. You train troops, level up heroes, and build up your base just like normal. However, your spells come in the form of cards. They let you do things like heal your troops or summon dragons. You'll collect those as you play. The graphics are better than average and Gameloft has been pretty good so far with adding new content with frequent updates.

Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander had a pretty big launch thanks to its name. It has since dropped into the background a bit. Despite that, it’s actually a fairly solid game. You’ll get to choose to fight for the Rebellion or the Empire and there are playable characters from both sides. Aside from that, it’s like other games like Clash of Clans with upgrading your troops, heroes, and base until they are formidable. You will get to place your base wherever you want, though, and Star Wars has plenty of fun places to put it.

Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is something a little bit different. It’s a game where you build an army and attack opposing armies in order to bring Order to everyone. You can control whole armies or individual troops if you prefer and the game has plenty of action. It’s not quite as in-depth as most of these other titles, but it still has the basics like mining for resources. You will need at least some strategy in order to be successful. It’s a bit goofy like all stick figure games, but it’s still quite fun.

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Total War Battles: Kingdom

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Total War Battles: Kingdom is another newer kingdom builder. This one was made by SEGA and came out in early 2016. It features the usual stuff such as troop building, resource farming, and battling other players in PvP combat. You can even alter the land near your base to your liking. Unlike many, this one has cross-platform support so you can play on PC as well as phones and tablets. The graphics are higher than average. It had some hiccups when it first came out. However, most of those seem to be sorted out.

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