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Doki Doki Literature Club is a Casual and Adventure game for PC published by Team Salvato in 2017. One of the best dating simulators is here.

Doki Doki Literature Club Fan Pack $9.99 Add all DLC to Cart. About This Game Hi, Monika here! Welcome to the Literature Club! It's always been a dream of mine to.

Doki Doki Literature Club PC Game 2017 Overview:

This is about writing your own poems or novels in an amazing game. You can also explore lots of other novels and stories to make them

(Fan Pack Included)

Hi, Monika here! Welcome to the Literature Club! It’s always been a dream of mine to make something special out of the things I love. Now that you’re a club member, you can help me make that dream come true in this cute game! Every day is full of chit-chat and fun activities with all of my adorable and unique club members: Sayori, the youthful bundle of sunshine who values happiness the most; Natsuki, the deceivingly cute girl who packs an assertive punch; Yuri, the timid and mysterious one who finds comfort in the world of books; …And, of course, Monika, the leader of the club! That’s me!

I’m super excited for you to make friends with everyone and help the Literature Club become a more intimate place for all my members. But I can tell already that you’re a sweetheart—will you promise to spend the most time with me? This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.

Doki Doki Literature Club is a game that’s best played by going in blind. The story’s twists and turns are some of the game’s strongest points, so reading spoilers may have a negative impact on the overall experience. With that said, you probably already got clued into the game’s true nature by its content warnings, so I won’t be too vague in this review.

Features of Doki Doki Literature Club:

  • 3 Beautiful girls you can date
  • Interesting Story
  • Cute Art
  • You can write poem

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.8GHz Dual-Core CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics
  • Storage: 350 MB available space

File Size : 411.96 MB

File Password :

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If you are looking for this blank character ref sheet, you have to read the entire blog and you will know where the download is. ^^ I am making sure people will read the blog before they download.

Part 2 of this

edit: thank you for the feature ^^

Since a lot of people couldn't access my template >~> I decided to type it all here instead >w< I hope this helps you! I make my template straightforward as possible so it would be grasping what is only really needed to know about a DDLC character. I edited this once more to make it more logical. I also placed some guidelines to help you guys out. Hope you enjoy! Please join our DOCIs Squad! Note: Only fill up the information of the ones in bold letters, the rest are just guides/tips.

╔═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╗

General Information


Apparently we have noticed a lot of the characters' names are Japanese names, except for Monika. It doesn't necessarily have to be Japanese (or ending in 'I') depending on your preferences, it can foreshadow your character with its meaning too! Don't forget to add its meaning. First names are okay since most of the characters' names are just one word each apparently as shown in the game


For Student Character:

Since this is High School, I recommend ages that range what is logical in freshman years to the senior years. Common ages from the game are 17-20 years old.

For a Teacher Character (yes, this finally exists, thanks to MysticalSorcery who made the first ever DDLC teacher ever

I recommend 22 years old and above as fitting for a teacher! It depends on how they got to be a teacher so fast lol


Male or Female! Feel free, but seriously I just want to see more male characters imo xD It may sound gay since the MC is male, but it's definitely a challenge on how you deliver your character on how they act and what is their sexuality. It can be also about plot twists that they aren't really after the MC, etc. Seriously, not all characters have to be in love or after the MC right?


Indicate everything here on how do they appear on their physical features, how do they dress up in their uniform or what casual attire do they like to wear?

Physical appearance

It's a choice whether you would choose anime pallette based (like Natsuki/Yuri/ Sayori) which is less realistic or Monika who seems more realistic in eye color and hair colors. It can foreshadow if they are self aware or not (leads to another topic below). Various Body types are of course possible or skin tone choices! Be real and unique. Also, I recommend when choosing colors for your character, please do not use an oversaturated/bright/neon or a basic color which pains the eyes. It reduces realism. I also do not recommend to copy exact same hair color/style from the main characters.


art by juckern0t, from left to right; Deirdre, Monika, Akane, Etsuji

For students, please stick to the official school uniform attire. I recommend only wearing white/black low or thigh high socks (with a bit of design if you prefer like lines, borders, etc), and similar shoes from the main four are wearing. (you can change colors, for the light blue and pink parts, if you want) Please consider how school basically implements their uniform rules. I don't think schools would allow wearing of hats, masks, etc. right? Your oc's can express themselves more on their casual attires or just their accessories (eg. hairclips, headbands, etc) . Also, it depends on what your character is positioned in and you're free to spice up their uniform a bit) for example, AKfree's's Akane wears black dress shirt since she is the Student Council President.

For teachers I am unsure about their official school attire, but as long as the males are wearing neckties and suits or females would wear something like a business woman with proper skirts. Google search it. It would be also fair for them to wear school attires since the students are also wearing school uniforms. Also, similarly goes to casual attire! Do what you want.

Doki Doki Literature Club Character Files Download Youtube


Type their hobbies and interests outside and inside of school here! For students, you can choose to be a regular student, club member, a club president, a scholar, etc. Club presidents has much wider aspect since they do a lot for the clubs and are most likely going to be more antagonists of the game. But being a club member would more likely be the opposite. It also depends on your ideas! Also indicate things that they are great or good at by the way! As for teachers, you can choose to be a subject teacher, personnel, guidance counselor, etc.


All of this though, I do recommend still relating their purpose to the Literature Club (since this is the game) They don't have to be a legit club member, but at least they have a reason why they connect with this club. There are so many ideas, twists and stories you can do. (so it won't destroy the legit purpose of Doki Doki LITERATURE Club character)


What most DDLC characters possess are two sided personalities since they portray that they are nice/good/happy at the outside but they are sad/negative in the inside. It's basically showing innocent minds to horrific reality. Their personalities will get amplified if they aren't in control of the codes or if they aren't self aware as well. Discuss your oc's personality briefly from how they act around or talk to people, don't just give one worded adjectives. I don't recommend to use overused personalities like depressed, sad, shy or the main characters' personalities. It reduces the originality. It's still okay to get one or two, but don't be overly excessive with it. As long as it's realistic and logical. You may also indicate their disorders here (if they have), just please don't be excessive about it to the point you just want the readers to feel bad or too unrealistically edgy.


If they are related to the literature club, indicate their favorite words here! I recommend fishing from Thesaurus so you would avoid words that are commonly used, a less commonly used word is more interesting.

Feel free to add quotes as well! It will tell so much about your character on how they talk/personality.


Very explanatory, indicate things and stuff they like.



Legend of their Character File

I am pretty sure that, just including your character file together with natsuji, sayori, yuri like they are one of the main characters without a reason is a big nono for me. Creating a story about how their existence came to the game is much more interesting and less cliche, plus your ideas will be much more expanded. For example, juckern0t's Etsuji came as a virus from a hentai website. Or maybe your character came from another game dimension? Expand your ideas and lore!

Personal Backstory

If your character has their own personal life backstory in the DDLC game (if they have the coding and scripts because you are their creator) as themselves, indicate them here. Remember to be brief and summarized as possible. Google Search is always your best friend when it comes to searching about interesting kinds of topics that your character's life could have. As much as possible, try to avoid something cliche and overly used (especially from the main characters' of the game). Does your character have a place to live in? Do they have a family? It's nice expanding your character.

Is [your character's name] self aware?

I recommend reading Akfree's concept and it will give you some information you might want to know.

Now going on, there are three types.

Self aware (eg. Monika, Akfree's Akane)

They are the ones who basically know the game's coding/scripting and they could have the ability to manipulate it. They also know that there is a player. I recommend to not use this type too much or make a character higher than Monika. If you are planning to do so, provide good reasons (and please don't copy Monika's actions exactly). It should also synchronize with your character's file's backstory. Akane on the other hand maybe self aware, but she doesn't mess the coding and scriptings like Monika. She lets the game stay at it is and just manipulates the codes if she only needs to in order to sustain her life. (she isn't also always after the player)

Doki doki literature club character files download torrent

Half Self aware (eg. Sayori, juckern0t's Etsuji)

These types of characters know there is a player playing their game, but do not have access to the game codings/scriptings. Remember what happened to Sayori at the ending? Monika however stopped her. Their game intelligence are as good as Self aware characters but sadly they don't have the ability to access the game codes. Self aware characters can still control these kinds of characters' personality/coding/scriptings however they want.

Not Self aware (eg. Natsuki, Yuri)

These types are the most commonly used by people however try to make the concept different other than just similar like Natsuki and Yuri. These types of characters only possess AI (Artificial Intelligence) they only act and think like what is only give to them originally on the game from their personalities and actions. They don't know a player is playing, or they don't have any knowledge on the game codes/scripts. You may think they are the weakest, but that's not true. You can still create an interesting character with this type, as long as it is logical and reasonable

Glitches and what is their purpose in the DDLC game

Describe briefly their routes, how do they act in each act, etc. (if they have) and how do they appear in the game. If they have poems, you may include them here as well! Indicate also how and when do they glitch, I recommend giving them unique and iconic glitches (please don't copy from the main characters). Their glitches could be related to their past? their personality? their character file? There are varied aspects of glitches you can do. You can manipulate images, add distorted audios or other media. Make it unique! Add the beauty of what DDLC game stands for. Plots twists and ideas are definitely welcome!

Doki Doki Literature Club Character Files Download Torrent


Add whatever your character has something interesting and iconic to remember.


If you have the desire to add more things, feel free to do so! Relationships with the main or other characters, etc! Just make sure they are brief and necessary in order to describe your character really well! That's what it matters.



Thank you for reading!

Phew, I hope this helps all of you ;w;

Now that I think you have read all of this and you are ready,

you are free to download the blank reference sheet here to draw your character on! Download

Or open this link

Doki Doki Literature Club Files Location

In your web browser

Doki Doki Literature Club Download Mac

Some tips when drawing or feeling your reference sheet

Add the chibi sticker on the right side of the school attire to save space !!~

Feel free to add backgrounds or personalize it! Just please don't erase my credit! Also type in their quotes with a handwriting font (to portray their handwriting style) You may download fonts in, that is the purpose of the notebook background!

Please make sure to credit me and link this one on your bio, thank you. ;w;

Special thanks to my friends, AKfree, juckern0t, TheMothMonster, Katsumi and the rest of the gang in Etsuji.chr chatroom (I am so tired to link omg aghhhh ;;)

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