Chrome Os Virtualbox Image Download

Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

After availability of Google Chrome OS / Chromium OS source code, one of gdgt engineer able to make virtual image of Chrome OS.Now you can run Chrome OS on Windows, Linux or Mac by using VMware or VirtualBox. To run Chrome OS in Windows 7 follow these steps after a jump. The Chrome OS file I had used in the tutorial was the.vmdk image. Although it was designed for VMWare, it worked perfectly in VirtualBox. After that, it looks like GDGT uploaded a.vdi file for VirtualBox users.

Chrome Os Virtualbox Image Download Pc

Filename: Google-Chrome-OS-build-enming.teo-24Nov2009-0528.vmdk.bz2
Filesize: 280 MB
Type: VMware VMDK image file bzipped
VirtualboxMD5 Checksum: 23371970c3b1c5dee287b9bb97901b7d
Download Link #1:
Download Link #2: ... 8.vmdk.bz2
How to Use:
1. Decompress with bzip2 on Linux.Chrome Os Virtualbox Image Download
$ bzip2 -d Google-Chrome-OS-build-enming.teo-24Nov2009-0528.vmdk.bz2
2. Use as virtual harddisk with the open source Xen hypervisor, Sun VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, or VMware Player
3. To convert the VMDK image file to Xen HVM domU image file for use with Xen, follow the instructions at the following link.